In Greek mythology, the Nereids were the fifty beautiful daughters of Nereus, a sea god known as the Old Man of the Sea, and Doris, an ocean nymph. Their name means 'wet ones'. These golden haired nymphs dwelt in the Mediterranean Sea, where they each had a golden throne in their father's underwater palace. They often frolicked on the surface of the water, where they rode on dolphins and were friendly toward sailers, dancing and playing for them, and helping them if they were in distress.

The best known Nereids were Thetis, Amphitrite and Galatea.  Thetis married the mortal Peleus and became the mother of Achilles, thus becoming central to the story of the Iliad.  Amphitrite become the wife of Poseidon. Galatea loved the prince (or shepard, depending on the source) Acis, who was killed by the jealous cyclops, Polyphemus.

Here are some places where Nereids now appear

Nereid: the outermost moon of Neptune


           Thetis Island:                                      Amphitrite Point:                              Galatea:
one of the Canadian Gulf Islands.          west coast of Vancouver Island          a moon of Neptune


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